– what is our passion?
We admire the diversity of  human society and the beauty of environmental richness. We are curious to explore the interface design of
architecture – interior – environment

–  experience
Working as designer/ architect and projectleader for more than 10 years in different wel known architecture offices in Germany and the Netherlands. [De architectengroep, D. v. Gameren & B. Mastenbroek], [H. v. Heeswijk architecten]  In 2007 Holger started his own architecture  studio. Connected  in a network of (interior)architects, artists, urbanists and engineers helps us to use the expertise of others.

– education in Germany and the Netherlands
Dipl.-Ing. architect, MSA Muenster/ TU Eindhoven
M.Sc. sustainable architecture and environment
Inter-University research program Wismar
trained as professional Cabinet Maker, Muenster

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